The Necessity of Loving Rasool Allah

Allah says, oly Prophet!) Say (to the believers) if your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your clan, the wealth that you have earned, the business in which you fear loss and your chosen houses are more dear to you than Allah and His prophet and jihad (fighting or struggling) in His cause then wait until Allah brings forth His command (punishment.ﰾ

(Holy Quran, Surah 9, At-Tauba, Verse 24)


Qadhi Iyadh rahmatullah-alaih writes that this verse is sufficient proof and indication of the necessity of loving the Holy Prophet and the fact that this is an immensely important obligation.


The Holy Prophet said, ﮥ amongst you can be a true believer until his love for me is greater than the love he holds for his parents, his children and everyone else.ﰾ

(Bukhari and Muslim related by Hazrat Anas)

Hazrat Anas radhi-allahhu-anhu also relates that the Holy Prophet said, థrson who possesses the following three qualities has acquired the true meaning of eeman(faith):


1.      His love for Allah and the Holy Prophet Muhammad sallallahu-alaihi-wasallam is greater than his love for anyone else.

2.      His friendship with anyone is solely for Allahబeasure.

3.      Having accepted Islam, he abhors 妲䩳belief) as much as he would loathe burning in fire.ﰾ

(Bukhari and Muslim)

Hazrat Umar radhi-allahu-anhu said to the Holy Prophet, ଯve you more than everything than myself.䨥 Holy Prophet said, ﮥ amongst you can be atrue believer until I am dearer to him than even himself.ﰾ

Hazrat Umar said, ೷ear by Him (Allah) who revealed the Book (Holy Quran) to you! You are indeed dearer to me than even myself.ﰾ

The Holy Prophet replied, �, now your eeman (faith) is complete.ﰾ



The ahadeeth below have been selected from 㨭Shifa점art Two, Chapter Two, Section 2; 襠Reward for Loving the Prophet쯳pan>


A man came to the Holy Prophet and asked, 襮 will the day of Judgment come?䨥 Holy Prophet replied, 衴 have you prepared for it?䨥 man said, ਡve not prepared for it with a lot of salah, fasting or sadqah (charitable donations) but I do love Allah and His Prophet. 襠Holy Prophet said to him ,  maୡn ahbabta (On the day of judgment) you will be with the one you love.ﰾ

(Bukhari related by Hazrat Anas)

Hazrat Safwan bin Qudamah radhi-allahu-anhu relates, ऩd hijra (emigrated) to the Holy Prophet and went to him and said, ȯly Prophet! Give me your hand so I may swear the oath of allegiance to you,䨥 Holy Prophet gave me his hand. I said to him, ȯly Prophet! I do indeed love you, 襠Holy Prophet replied, 쭭arୡୡn ahabba- A person is (and always will be) with the one he loves.쯰>

(Tirmizi and Nissaee)

A man came to the Holy Prophet and said, ȯly Prophet! You are indeed dearer to me than my family and my wealth, I remember you and I cannot wait until I can come and look at you. I think of my death and yours and know that when you enter paradise you will be at a high ranking place with the prophets and so, even if I am granted entrance to paradise I will not be able to see you (because of your high status).

In response to this, Allah revealed the verse: he who obeys Allah and the Prophet, he will be with those whom Allah has favored-the prophets, the siddiqeen (truthful people), the shuhada (martyrs) and the saliheen (pious people). And what good companions they are.舯ly Quran, Surah 4: An-Nisa, Verse69). The Holy Prophet called the man and recited this verse to him.



The Excellence of His Glorious Names

Hazrat Jabir bin Mut�adhi-allahu-anhu relates that I heard the Holy Prophet say, ਡve many names. One of them is Muhammad and another is Ahmad. I am known as Haasshir, for (on the Day of Judgment) the entire human race will be gathered together under my banner. I am also called Aqib and Aqib is the one after whom there is no other prophet.

(Bukhari and Muslim)

The First to Be Granted Prophethood

Hazrat Abu Huraira radhi-allahu-anhu relates that the Sahaba asked, ȯly Prophet! When were you granted prophethood?䨥 Holy Prophet replied, ෡s granted prophethood before the creation of Adam.ﰾ


Hazrat Jabir radhi-allahu-anhu once asked, ȯly Prophet! What was the very first thing that Allah created?䨥 Holy Prophet replied, ᢩr, the very first thing that Allah created before anything else was the noor (light) of your prophet from His (divine) noor.ﰾ

(Mawahib-e-Ladunniyah related by Hazrat Abdurrazzaq)

The Imam of All Prophets

Hazrat Ubay bin Kaab radhi-allahu-anhu relates that the Holy Prophet said, he day of Judgment, I will be the Imam (leader) of all the prophets and the one who will speak on their behalf with Allah. It will be because of me that other prophets will be given permission to intercede. I do not boast about this.ﰾ


The Last Prophet

Hazrat Abu Huraira radhi-allahu-anhu relates that the Holy Prophet said, 頰osition amongst the rest of the prophets can be compared to a palace which has been beautifully built but the space of one brick has been left empty. People looked around the palace and marveled at its splendor and immaculate construction except for that empty space of one brick. I filled that empty space and hence completed the construction of that palace. In the same way, the advent of prophets was completed by my advent into this world.鮠another hadeeth, it is related that the Holy Prophet said, ࡭ like the brick that was missing in the ᬡce of Prophet hoodᮤ I am the last prophet.ﰾ

(Bukhari and Muslim)


His Unique Characteristics

Hazrat Aisha radhi-allahu-anha relates that the Holy Porphet forbade his Ummah from fasting continuously (without breaking the fast each day at sunset) by his mercy and kindness. The Sahaba said to him, ﵠfast in this way (but forbid us from doing so)Ԩe Holy Prophet replied, ࡭ not like you. My Lord provides me with food and drink.ﰾ


A Mercy and Blessing for All Creations

Hazrat Abu Huraira radhi-allahu-anhu relates that the Holy Prophet was once asked to curse the disbelievers (who were persecuting and torturing the Muslims severely) but the Holy Prophet replied, ਡve not been sent to curse; I was sent as a mercy and blessing.


The Greatest Amongst Prophets

Hazrat Ibn-e-Abbas radhi-allahu-anhu relates that some Sahaba were sitting together when the Holy Prophet approached them and listened to them talking amongst themselves. One Sahabi said, 쬡h appointed Prophet Ibraheem as his Khaleel (very close and dear friend).ᮯther said, 쬡h spoke (directly) to Prophet Moosa.ᠴhird Sahabi said, ⯰het Eesa is ᬩmatullah聬lah෯rd) and 娵llah聬lah೰irit).ᠦourth Sahabi said, ⯰het Adam is ᦩullah튨Allahࣨosen one).ﰾ

The Holy Prophet went upto them and said, ਥard your conversation. You are surprised that Ibraheem is 衬eelullah饴 he is worthy of that rank and that Mossa is ᪥eulla葋aleemullah즮bsp; he is worthy of that rank and that Eesa is 娵llahᮤ ᬩmatullahਥ is worthy of those ranks and that Adam is ᦩullah͊he too is worthy of those ranks and that Adam is ᦩullahਥ too is worthy of that rank. Listen carefully! I am ᢥebullah聬lahࢥloved) but I do not say this to boast.

On the Day of Judgment, 鶡-ul-Hamd舯ly Prophet೰ecial flag) will be in my hand alone. Adam and entire human race will be beneath it. I do not boast about this. I will be the first one to intercede with Allah on behalf of sinners on the Day of Judgment and I will be the first one whose shaffa蠨intercession) will be accepted. I do not boast about this. I will be the first one to turn the key of Paradise. The poor amongst the Muslims will be with me at that time. Allah will open the door of paradise for my sake and will allow me to enter it. I do not boast about this. In Allahඩew, I am the most honorable amongst all those who have passed and all those who are to come. I do not boast about this.ﰾ



His Life after His Physical Departure from This World

Hazrat  Abud Darda radhi-allahu-anhu relates that the Holy Prophet said, 壩te a lot of salat and salam (durood) upon me on Friday because this is witnessed by angels who are present upon this day (for this purpose). The salat and salam of everyone who recites it is presented before me until they stop reciting salat and salam.衺rat Abu Darda says, I asked, ly Prophet!) Will the salat and salaam be presented before you even after your death?䨥 Holy Prophet replied, 饳, because) Allah has forbidden the earth from decomposing the bodies of prophets. Hence, Allahలophets are alive and they are given 麱튨nourishment in their graves).ﰾ

(Ibn Majah)

Life and Death

Hazrat Abu Saeed Khudri radhi-allahu-anhu narrates that one day, the Holy Prophet sat upon the minbar in the mosque and said, ed, Allah has given a servant of His a choice between taking as much as he wishes from the treasures and pleasures of this world or accepting the rewards and the blessings that his Lord has kept for him. That person chose the rewards and blessings that Allah has kept for him.튏n hearing this, Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddeeq radhi-allahu-anhu wept and said, ͊Holy Prophet! We would sacrifice our parents for you! (i.e. you are more dear to us than even our parents).ﰾ

Hazrat Abu Saeed Khudri radhi-allahu-anhu says, 堷ere very surprised by this statement of Hazrat Abu Bakreople started to say, ﯫ at this old man. The Holy Prophet was talking about a person who was given a choice between the pleasures of this world and the rewards of the Hereafter and that person chose the rewards of the Hereafter and Hazrat Abu Bakr says, ȯly Prophet! We would sacrifice our parents for you!ɮ fact, that person (who was given this choice) was the Holy Prophet himself and Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddeeq radhi-allahu-anhu was the most learned amongst us (and hence, only he realized this).ﰾ

(Bukhari and Muslim)

The Owner of the Treasures of the Universe

Hazrat Abu Huraira radhi-allahu-anhu relates that the Holp Prophet said, ਡve been sent with the gift of ᷡami-ul-kalim賰eech which is concise in words but vast in meaning). I have been helped by the fact that fear of me has been put into the hearts of disbelievers. I was asleep once and I saw that the keys of all the treasures of the earth were presented to me and placed in my hand.ﰾ

(Bukhari and Muslim)

The Distributor of Allah¯unties

Hazrat Jabir Radhi-allahu-anhu relates that the Holy Prophet said, 奰 your names the same as my name but do not keep anyoneѫuniyyah贩tle) the same as my 宩yyah튢ecause only I have been appointed as ᳩm褩stributor). I distribute Allahডvors and gifts amongst you.ﰾ

(Bukhari and Muslim)

Foretelling of Events

Hazrat Huzaifa radhi-allahu-anhu relates, day the Holy Prophet stood before us (Sahaba) and told us about every single event that was going to occur until the day of judgment. He who remembered these facts remembered them and he who forgot them forgot them. These friends of mine (Sahaba) know this. Whenever any of these events occur (about which the Holy Prophet had informed us) which I had forgotten, then on seeing it taking place, I immediately rmemember it in the same way as a person recognizes some one immediately, whom he has not seen for a long time, upon seeing him again.ﰾ

(Bukhari and Muslim)

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His Knowledge of the Unseen

Hazrat Umar radhi-allahu-anhu relates, 襠Holy Prophet stood before us (Sahaba) one day and told us about everything that had happened from the beginning of creation and everything that was going to occur right up to the time when the inhabitants of Paradise and inhabitants of Hell would occupy their respective places in these two abodes. He who remembered these facts remembered them and he who forgot them forgot them.ﰾ


His Challenge to People to Ask Him Anything

Hazrat Anas bin Malik radhi-allahu-anhu relates that one day after midday, the Holy Prophet came from his house and led us in the Zuhr prayer, the Holy Prophet stood on the minbar. He spoke about the Day of Judgment and said that many great events would take place before it. Then Holy Prophet said, 校nyone wishes to ask me about anything then do so. I swear by Allah! Whilst I am standing here, I shall answer every question you ask me!ﰾ

Hazrat Anas radhi-allahu-anhu says that on hearing this everyone started crying (Through fear). The Holy Prophet was repeatedly saying, 㫠me!衺rat Anas says that a man stood up and said, ȯly Prophet! Where will my abode be (in the Hereafter)?䨥 Holy Prophet replied, 嬬Ԩen Hazrat Abdullah bin Huzafah radhi-allahu-anhu stood up and said, ȯly Prophet! Who is my father?䨥 Holy Prophet replied, ﵲ father is Huzafah.ﰾ

Hazrat Anas says that the Holy Prophet again repeatedly said, 㫠me! Ask me(anything you want to)!㥥ing what was happening, Hazrat Umar radhi-allahu-anhu rose and sat very respectfully (as we do during ᳨ahhud鮠salah) in front of the Holy Prophet and said, 堡re satisfied and contented that Allah is our Lord, that Islam is our 奮貥ligion and way of life) and that Muhammad (sallallahu-alaihi-wasalam) is our prophet.ﮠhearing Hazrat Umar෯rds, the Holy Prophet fell silent. Then he said, ೷era by Him (Allah) in whose control is my life! Just now during the (Zuhr) prayer, I was shown Paradise and Hell in front of this wall. I have never before witnessed good and evil as I have today.ﰾ


Praying for Rain in Madeenah Munawara

Hazrat Anas Radhi-allahu-anhu relates that once in the Holy Prophetഩme, the people were afflicted by severe drought and famine. Whilst the Holy Prophet was delivering the Friday sermon seated upon the minbar, a villager stood up and said, ȯly Prophet! Our animals are perishing and our children are starving as a result of this famine. Please pray to Allah for us.ﰾ

The Holy Prophet raised hid hands for prayer. Hazrat Anas says that at that time we could not see a even a speck of cloud in the sky but I swear by Allah! The Holy Prophet had not yet even lowered his hands after his 塒 (prayer) when grey clouds as large as mountains began to appear in the sky and it rained heavily. When the Holy Prophet descended from the minbar, I could see raindrops dripping from his beard. It continued to rain that day, the next day, the day after and every day until the following Friday. (When the Holy Prophet sat upon the minbar to deliver the Friday sermon the following week) the same villager or someone else stood up and said, ȯly Prophet! Because of the abundance of rain, buildings are collapsing and animals are drowning (in the floods). Pray to Allah for us.䨥 Holy Prophet raised his hands for 塒 and prayed, llah! Make it rain around us but not upon us.䨥 Holy Prophet was pointing to the clouds and directing them with his hand. Whichever direction the Holy Prophet pointed in, the clouds broke away from there until the entire sky over Madeenah was absolutely clear (of clouds) and it now rained around Madeenah. Whenever anyone came to Madeenah from another city, they spoke of the abundance of rain.

(Bukhari and Muslim)

Hazrat Abu Hurairaͯther Accepts Islam

Hazrat Abu Huraira radhi-allahu-anhu says, 頭other was a disbeliever. I used to keep inviting her to accept Islam. Once, when I asked her to become a Muslim, she said very disrespectful words about the Holy Prophet. This saddened me greatly. Crying, I went to the Holy Prophet and said, ȯly Prophet! Pray to Allah that He may guide my mother to accept Islam!䨥 Holy Prophet prayed, llah! Guide Abu Huraira୯ther (to accept Islam).衺rat Abu Huraira says that hearing the Holy Prophetలayer, I returned home joyfully. When I arrived home I saw that the door was closed. Having heard my footsteps, my mother said, ⵠ Huraira! Wait outside!頨eard water splashing onto the ground. My mother had a bath and dressed. Opening the door hurriedly she said, ⵠHuraira! I testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad ( sallallahu-alaihi-wasalam) is His (noble) servant and true prophet.ﮠhearing this, crying for joy, I immediately went to the Holy Prophet and gave him the good news of my mother͊acceptance of Islam. The Holy Prophet praised Allah and blessed me with his prayers.


His Knowledge of Events Occurring in Barzakh

Hazrat Inve Abbas radhi-allhu-anhu relates that the Holy Prophet once passed by two graves. He said that the people in these two graves were being punished and that this was not due to any big sins. In fact, it was due to very small sins. One of them did not bother preventing drops of urine getting onto his body and clothes. The other used to spread malicious stories about people. The Holy Prophet then took a fresh branch of a tree, split into two pieces and stuck a piece of branch into each of the two graves. The Sahaba asked him, ȯly Prophet! Why have you done this?䨥 Holy Prophet replied, 詬st these branches remain fresh, the punishment in these graves will be reduced.ﰾ


Splitting the Moon

Hazrat Anas radhi-allahu-anhu relates that the people of Makkah asked the Holy Prophet to show them a 咪iza衠miracle ᳠proof of his prophethood). In response, the Holy Prophet split the moon into two parts until they could see Mount Hira between the two halves.

(Bukhari and Muslim)

The Flowing of Water from His Hands

Hazrat Jabir radhi-allahu-anhu relates that people were extremely thirsty on the day of the Peace Treaty of Hudaibiyyah. The Holy Prophet had a water vessel in front of him from which he was performing 夨uŶeryone went to him and said, 堨ave not got any water at all to perform 夨uﲠto drink. The only water we have (amongst us altogether) is that which is in your water-vessel.襡ring this, the Holy Prophet placed his blessed hand into that vessel and (miraculously) water began to gush forth from between his fingers like springs of water. Hazrat Jabir says that we all drank our fill and performed 夨u沯m that water. Hazrat Jabir was asked how many people were present (that day) and he replied, 楮 if we had numbered one hundred thousand that water would have been sufficient for us but there were only fifteen hundred of us that day.

(Bukhari and Muslim)

Benefits of Reciting Salat and Salam

Hazrat Anas radhi-allahu-anhu relates that the Holy Prophet said, 该ver recites salat and salam (durood) upon me once, Allah grants that person ten blessings, forgives ten of his sins and elevates his status by ten dgrees.ﰾ


Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar radhi-allahu-anhu says, 该ver recites salat and salam upon the Holy Prophet once, Allah and His Angels send their blessings upon that person seventy times.ﰾ


Reporting Events in Syria Whilst in Madeenah

Hazrat Anas radhi-allahu-anhu relates that the Holy Prophet informed us of 表adah튨martyrdom) of Hazrat Zaid, Hazrat Jafar and Hazrat Ibn-u-Ravaha radhi-allahu-anhum before this news reached us (in Madeenah) from the battlefield (in Syria). The Holy Prophet said, ᩤ held the banner of Islam first and was martyred fighting to the end. The Jafar held the banner and was also martyred fighting to the end. Then Ibn-u-Ravaha held it and he too was martyred.稩lst the Holy Prophet was relating this, tears were streaming down his noble face. (The Holy Prophet continued) 襮 ᩦ-um-min-Suyufillah衠 sword from amongst Allah೷ords) Khalid bin Waleed held the banner of Islam and Allah granted Muslims victory over their enemy.ﰾ